Sleep Screening

You may use each of our online sleep screening tools  as often as you like. The tests below are intended for adult use only, at the end of the screening you will be asked for your name, age, and an email address. This will allow us to score your screening properly and email you the results.

The following screenings are for educational purposes and do not replace the opinion of a qualified health professional.  Please keep in mind while a screening can be 95% accurate, which although statistically adequate, this still means that 1 out of 20 individuals rated as functioning satisfactorily may actually be impaired.  The inevitability of both false-positive and false-negative screens underscores the importance of experienced clinical judgment.

Sleep Disturbances

According to the CDC, about 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems.  Sleep deprivation is associated with injuries, chronic diseases, mental illnesses, poor quality of life and well-being. It’s economic ramifications include increased health care costs, and lost work productivity.  Sleep problems are critically under-addressed contributors to many emotional and physical disorders in children and adults.

A sleep disturbance can be a sign of a more serious disorder, sleep screenings, like the ones below, are commonly used to assess whether more in-depth sleep analysis is indicated.

Child Sleep Disturbance Screening     Adult Sleep Disturbance Screening