About Us

We look at the challenges our clients are facing as a chance to create change.  We never view a difficult situation as an arduous task but rather as a unique opportunity to empower the individual and his loved ones.

The incidence of sleep disorders such as apnea, circadian rhythm disorders and insomnia has skyrocketed over the last decade.  Millions continue to struggle with sleeplessness, fatigue, and resultant under-productivity with scores of new cases being identified every day.

Brain Abilities was developed to offer hope in the form of sensible solutions.  We offer compassionate care that consists of  knowledge, understanding and nurturing support.  Together we will work towards helping you gain control of the concerns that afflict you and or your loved ones.

Our program was born out of the knowledge and expertise gained over the last 2 decades of private practice and continued learning.  Combined, Dr. Orlando and Dr.Tice  have over 40 years experience in assessing and helping those affected with health related issues.  Together they have continued to refine their expertise by study in neurology, nutrition, integrative holistic concepts, neuro-developmental disorders, exercise physiology, fitness training and social work.  Over the last decade, they have helped children and adults suffering from neuro-develomental, emotional, social, cognitive and academic challenges with a functional restoration approach.