• Sleep Well

Welcome to Brain Abilities Sleep, we specialize in non respiratory sleep disorders.  We successfully help sleep concerns with an integrative approach that targets the source of your complaint.  Everyone feels sleepy at times.  However, when sleepiness interferes with your daily routines and activities, or reduces your ability to function, it is called “problem sleepiness.”

Problem sleepiness can be due to a disruption of the body’s natural daily sleep-wake cycles, inadequate sleep, sleep disorders, inadequate nutrition as well as the use of certain drugs.  The CDC estimates that approximately  70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems.  Sleep deprivation is associated with injuries, chronic diseases, mental illnesses, poor quality of life and well-being, increased health care costs, and lost work productivity.

As you read on you will gain an overview of our services, however it has been our experience that a phone conversation is the best way to obtain the information you need. Our free consultation offer gives us the opportunity to have a  discussion about your concerns.  Give us a call at 516.208.9360 and one of our compassionate team members will be happy to schedule a time that’s convenient for you.