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Brain Abilities Shop is an online supplier of vitamins and supplements for those struggling with emotional, behavioral, cognitive and learning challenges.   We can serve as your One-Stop-Shop for high quality supplements, from the best brands in the industry.  Our store is a  subsidiary of the Brain Abilities Program where we have been helping families overcome the challenges of emotional disorders, Autism Spectrum, ASD, ADHD, and learning disabilities for over a decade.  To learn more about Brain Abilities’ unique approach to helping these disorders please click here

We believe there are essentials to satisfying our online clients:

  1. Provide personalized service.
  2. Provide a large selection of Brand names and products.
  3. Provide a lower overall cost to our customers by giving LOW SHIPPING offers.
  4. Provide a hassel free shopping experience

Our Nutritional Approach

As you may know, proper diet and nutrition are critical elements to the successful relief of emotional, behavioral and cognitive disorders.  Research has shown that proper nutrition goes hand in hand with fostering optimal function within the brain and body. It is of vital importance that we take in the right amount of prime quality nutrients and assimilate them into the nourishment we need.

At Brain Abilities we take advantage of practical assessment tools to get the information we need.  We then recommend appropriate food choices and supplementation, based upon not only the symptoms but also the careful analysis of laboratory testing. To learn more about our nutritional approach please click here

We appreciate your feedback and input on what we’re doing right and how we can improve to serve you better. Email us.

Yours In Good Health,

Dr. Michael Orlando
Dr Christopher Tice

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