Our Services

As you further explore our websites, you will come to find that all of our services are designed to promote wellness through functional development and restoration.



You may have noticed that the concept of wellness means different things to different people.  Some believe it is strictly the absence of disease while other feel it is much more than this.  We define wellness as the pursuit of a lifestyle that produces an overall feeling of well-being through a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit.

The components of wellness can be seen in the Venn-diagram on the right.  Each of the spheres of this diagram represents the functional status of the individual systems foundational to wellness.  Moreover, as seen by the intersection of the spheres, this diagram depicts that each system affects and is affected by the rest.  It is therefore understandable that when one component goes awry, true wellness cannot be achieved or maintained.  Let us explore each functional component of wellness individually.

  • Physical Status is founded in the various bodily systems working in harmony (cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, etc.). Exercise and nutrition play a significant role in our physical status. In fact, there is a branch of medicine that treats disease with a nutritional approach.
  • Environmental Status is affected by everything you are exposed to both physically and mentally.  Your environment makes you who you are by actually modifying your genes this is called epigenetics.


Functional development and restoration

We look at the challenges you and/or your loved ones are facing as deficits in wellness. As explained, true wellness is only achieved when all the bodily systems are functioning and integrating at full capacity. Functional development and restoration is the integrative approach of developing functions that are underdeveloped, restoring functions that have been lost, and maintaining optimal function.



Because each persons challenges are different, our services vary in breath and are dependent upon individual need.  Below is a listing of the main services and programs we currently offer.

  • Sleep Disorder Help -an integrative approach for helping those who have difficulty falling or remaining asleep
  • Brain Abilities Shop -high quality supplements, from the best brands in the industry, at reasonable prices
  • Beachbody Fitness Products -as independent Beachbody Coaches, we can help you find the right solution and then connect you with an understanding community of support and accountability.