LD Screening (Grades K-4)

The Learning Disability Test is for educational purposes only. Your answers to the following questions will be compared to those given by subjects with and without learning disabilities.

Directions: Regarding your child, choose the answer that best applies.

Learning Disability Screening (Grades K-4)


Experiences difficulty sounding out letters

Confuses basic words or uses them inappropriately

Makes consistent reading or spelling errors including letter reversals (b/d), inversions (m/w), transpositions (felt/left), and substitutions (house/home)

Transposes number sequences and confuses arithmetic signs (+, -, x, /, =)

Has difficulty remembering facts may know information during study but perform poorly when tested

Is slow to learn new skills; relies heavily on memorization which may fail him

May know information during study but performs poorly when tested

Poor fine motor skills: Pencil grip is atypical or unstable

Has difficulty learning the concept of telling time

Clumsy; Has poor coordination; is unaware of physical surroundings; is prone to accidents

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The above Learning disability test is a screening to be used for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace advise given by a qualified medical professional. If you suspect a learning disability your child should be evaluated by a qualified professional

The Learning Disability Screening is adapted from Bright Futures; Tools for families: Learning Disabilities: Common Signs. All rights reserved.