LD Screening (Grades 5-8)

The following Learning Disability Test is for educational purposes only. Your answers to the following questions will be compared to those given by subjects with and without learning disabilities.

Directions: Regarding your child, choose the answer that best applies.

Learning Disability Screening (Grades 5-8)


Confuses letter sequences (soiled/solid, left/felt)

Difficulty mastering prefixes, suffixes, root words, and other spelling strategies

Avoids reading aloud

Exhibits difficulty with math calculations

Poor penmanship, atypical pencil grip

Exhibits task avoidance when it comes to schoolwork; avoids writing compositions

Has slow or poor recall of facts

Will seem to understand information while studying, however will then test poorly on same information

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The above learning disability test is a screening for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace advise given by a qualified medical professional. If you suspect a learning disability your child should be evaluated by a qualified professional

The Learning Disability Screening is adapted from Bright Futures; Tools for families: Learning Disabilities: Common Signs. All rights reserved.