Child Dyslexia Screening

The following Dyslexia test is for educational purposes only. Your answers to the following questions will be compared to those given by subjects with and without Dyslexia.

Directions: When compared to children of similar age, has your child exhibited the following:

Child Dyslexia Screening


1. Difficulty learning the names and/or sounds of letters

2. Difficulty with learning and reproducing the alphabet in correct sequence (in either oral or written form)

3. Difficulty rhyming

4. Difficulty learning to read

5. Poor awareness of sounds in words: sound order or sequence of syllables

6. Difficulty blending sounds into words

7. Difficulty reading familiar sight words

8. Difficulty accurately decoding unfamiliar words

9. Inaccurate, slow, and labored oral reading (word-by-word reading)

10. Omission of small words or word endings when reading

11. Difficulty with rapid naming of familiar objects, colors, or letters of the alphabet

12. Difficulty with handwriting and/or written composition

13. Poor spelling

14. Reversals, inversions, transpositions of letters and/or numbers

15. Significant difference between verbal and nonverbal abilities (nonverbal significantly higher than the verbal) or verbal significantly higher than achievement demonstrations

16. Good listening comprehension with good oral participation, yet poor reading comprehension

17. Avoidance of tasks requiring reading and/or writing

18. Confusion with directionality, space, & time (before/after, right/left, yesterday/tomorrow)

19. Talents in fine arts, science, mathematics, mechanical skills, and/or other abilities not dependent on reading/writing proficiency

20. Family history of reading difficulties

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The above dyslexia test is a screening to be used for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace advise given by a specialist.  If you suspect a learning disability your child should be evaluated by a qualified professional

The Dyslexia Screening is adapted from the North East Independent School District Dyslexia Program Guidelines . All rights reserved.