Child ADHD Screening

The following ADHD Test is for educational purposes only.  Your answers to the following questions will be compared to those given by subjects with and without ADHD concerns.

Directions: Please read each item carefully and choose how often that feeling or behavior is or has been a problem for your child during  the last month.

Child ADHD Screening


1. Is easily sidetracked; starts one task and then switches to another, can't stick with any one thing for long unless it's a favorite activity

2. Seems easily irritated or upset by apparently minor events

3. Seems to be moving, talking, or making noise constantly; can't be quite or still for long

4. Often appears to be daydreaming, drifts off or appears to not be listening.

5. Is easily distracted by background noises or activities; needs to check out whatever else is going on in the vicinity.

6. Rushes through schoolwork; has difficult slowing down and working carefully; work is messy or has many careless mistakes

7. Moves too quickly, grabs things, or starts activities without waiting for permission or directions

8. Forgets to bring, or loses track of things (e.g., books, homework, clothing items, toys)

9. Doesn't stop soon enough when joking, teasing, arguing, or complaining; continues on too long, even if asked to stop

10. Does not exhibit patience; finds it difficult to wait for anything

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The above ADHD Test is a screening to be used for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to replace advice given by a qualified medical professional.

The Child ADHD Screening is based upon Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (American Psychiatric Association, 4th Ed.) criteria for ADHD. 2004. All rights reserved.