Home Based Programs

Since functional deficits in brain function are at the core of emotional, cognitive and developmental disorders, it stands to reason that brain training can be effective.  But what is brain training and which type is best?  Of late the media abounds with programs that offer brain training centered on a cognitive approach to improving brain function.  The problem is, cognitive difficulties alone are not the essence of these disorders and utilizing cognition alone is not the most effective means for creating change.  True long term change in brain function occurs through neuroplasticity and the best way to achieve functional development and restoration is through a Total Body Approach.

A total body approach, which targets all of the individual’s deficits and his environment, is essential because these disorders are mufti-faceted and involve more than one bodily system.  Our Home Based Training combines individualized physical and cognitive training with supportive lifestyle initiatives which address nutritional status, sleep and emotional well-being.  We set realistic goals, offer compassionate support and achieve unparalleled results.  Read more about our approach here.

We help children and adults suffering from behavioral, emotional and cognitive difficulties; those who have often been diagnosed with:

* ADHD           * Autism           * Tourette’s      * Depression   * Asperger’s    * Learning Disability         

* Anxiety          * PDD              * OCD              * ASD              * NVLD           * Processing Disorder

Our services include three separate and distinct home based programs specially designed to meet the specific needs of its attendees.