Basic Abilities

If your child suffers with a severe developmental delay such as Low Functioning Autism we can help.  The key to achieving true functional development is setting a strong neurological foundation and then building upon it.

Basic Abilities is designed specifically with this in mind and it serves as a primer to our more advanced Child Abilities Program.  You will come to learn that our program has two components; one that addresses your child’s needs while the other addresses yours.  You can rely on us to compassionately support you, your child and your family, empowering you all, thus helping you gain control of your collective challenges.


Free Phone Consultation

The best way to learn if Brain Abilities is right for your family is to take advantage of a free phone consultation with one of our Directors.  Just contact us at 516-208-9360 and one of our staff members will be happy to block out a time that’s convenient.  This call will give us an opportunity to discuss your child and share the information necessary for you to make the right decision for your family.


The Assessment

assessmentIt all starts with a specifically designed assessment that will measure the functional capacity of particular areas of the brain. Areas responsible for skills essential to typical maturation and those that process things such as reflexive movements, fine/gross motor skills, coordination, balance, sensory integration, behavioral control, socialization, and cognition.


The Report

Following careful scrutiny of our assessment, you will be given a detailed report of the results. This is where we give you a window into your child’s brain function.  Together we will discuss your child’s functional weaknesses and how this translates into your family’s day to day challenges.  For many this is an emotional event as the true difficulties their child has been experiencing are revealed.  Fortunately we also discuss a plan for what can be done to help.


The Program

Your child’s Basic Abilities program will consist of a unique combination of at home activities.  We will teach you to use an integrative total body approach which will target your child’s specific functional weaknesses. This will be done in an effort to kick start and further aid his developmental progression.



Follow-up and Continued Support

“Give a person a fish, feed them for a day, teach them how to fish they will never go hungry”

Throughout your time with us, you are provided with nutritional advice as well as coaching related to physical and behavioral development.  We know it is important that you receive the education and tools necessary to create a cultivating environment. One that will nurture continued positive development even after your child’s time at Brain Abilities. So contact us now and lets see how we can help.