Adult Abilities

If you are suffering from the effects of Anxiety, Depression,  ADHD,  and or Asperger’s we can help you help yourself.  Our unique combination of in center coaching and home training will give you the life changing tools you need.

Most people including the majority of professionals look at struggle with attention, motivation, emotions, anxiety and depressive thoughts as a chemical problem that can be “fixed” with a pill.  But those who have been medicated and still suffer with these challenges will tell you that the effects of medication are imperfect and temporary at best.  They continue to be plagued by decreased productivity, procrastination, nervousness, sadness and failed interpersonal relationships. This is because many of these issues are founded in a disruption of body and brain function that can’t be merely changed with a pill.  You see we are not against medication, but it has its place only as a temporary measure, because it doesn’t permanently change brain function.  We make the analogy of the use of a crutch for walking only while injured but not once rehabilitated.


Fortunately, Brain Abilities was specifically designed to address and build the malfunctioning areas within the brain and body that contribute to these disorders. If your looking for a quick fix or an easy way out, this is not a program for you. However, If you’re willing to do some work to change the issues that affect you, we will give you the tools to do so and support you through the process.



Free consultation

The first step is to call us so that we can set up a no obligation phone consultation with one of our Directors.  Together you will discuss the issues that concern you and what can be done to help.


The evaluation

Our evaluation is specially designed to assess the brain and body function crucial to cognitive, social and emotional well-being.  We will accomplish this with surveys, discussions and an enjoyable physical evaluation process. The easy to perform physical evaluation will be testing skills such as strength, dexterity, balance, coordination and sensory processing abilities.



The report

Following our careful assessment of the evaluation findings you will be given a detailed report of your functional abilities. We will sit and discuss all the function weakness found, how these play a role in your day-to-day challenges and what can be done to help.


The program

The data collected from the assessment of our evaluation serves as a blueprint in the architecture of your customized Brain Abilities Program. You will receive both physical and cognitive training coupled with supportive nutritional and lifestyle initiatives. All of our methods will be delivered to specifically target your areas of brain and body weakness in an integrative fashion.  Consider it circuit training for your body and your brain.



At the end of your program term a repeat of the initial testing is performed and a post term report is presented. This report details the change in all the functional areas initially tested, and shows the progress that has been made.  However the proof of your progress will be best realized in the way you feel and how you achieve in your day-to-day activities.


Continued support

“Give a person a fish, feed them for a day, teach them how to fish they will never go hungry”

Throughout the program and during its supportive phase thereafter, you are provided with nutritional advice as well as coaching related to physical and lifestyle activities.  We know it is important that you receive the education and tools necessary to continue along the path of positive change long after your time at Brain Abilities. So contact us now and lets see how we can help.